Friday, June 13, 2008


Recognizing the importance of fashion and styling as a medium of instant outward communication of the individual, it is my belief that the state of men’s fashion stunts our ability to express the individual within. The intent of this blog is to explore and collect real-life manifestations that allow men to convey an identity outside of the mainstream while still maintaining that one, tricky idea: masculinity.

Vanguard will explore the male guise by collecting and reflecting on:
  • Street fashion shot here in New York

  • Street fashion collected from blogs around the world

  • Personal interviews

  • Runway highlights

  • Featured shopping

If you are expecting to see the latest suit, cuff link, graphic t-shirt, sneaker, or gadget, then there are other places for you to go.

As a true exploration, it is the intent of Vanguard to incorporate ideas and discussion from readers. If you have anything to share, please comment or email for review.

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