Monday, June 16, 2008

NYC Street - Wandering Williamsburg

The following images were taken specifically for Vanguard.

Much of today's alternative men's fashion tends to take on a more layered, cluttered, or dirty gutter-punk aesthetic. This ensemble stays clean cut but does not hinder expression. The most important element is, obviously, the Raf Simons spring 2007 shirt that adds movement and personality to a rather basic foundation. From there, a neat-and-tidy bag and haircut - both simple but with strong structural elements - keeps it clean while maintaining character. I think this is a perfect option for those of us (myself strongly included) too anal retentive for some of today's looser trends.

I doubt this requires much explanation. Perfect shorts, interesting materials, and amazing shoes.

This outfit is completely about the bag. A generic tote shape but with unique plaid print.

Subtle textures add an important material quality on each piece. This is a good example of a hoodie done correctly: the cut is interesting (specifically note the neck line) while the abundant over-sized closures add a focus.

One of the best tools for men's expression right now is hair. With the "short on the sides, messy on top" aesthetic now being reserved for those strictly under age 9, hair can become a new canvas for men. Each of the men above (even though all located only within a few blocks of each other) has managed to show a dramatically different aspect of the their personality through their hair. The key is to just go all the way with it.

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