Saturday, June 14, 2008

Global - Tokyo

The following images are from Tokyo Street Style.

One of the places in the world in which I am most jealous of men’s style is Tokyo (assuming that you manage to not get stuck in their prison-stripes of bland office-suits, of course). Tokyo Street Fashion is probably one of the world’s first street style blogs, even being pre-Facehunter, and it’s by far one of the most inspirational. It seems Tokyo men on the street can get away with wearing just about anything from the serious to the quirky. This also seems to be the land, however, where androgyny rules. This brings up a question: when trying to create new fashions for men, is the key to throw out gender all together? At first I don’t think so, but then when I think more about it, most of my favorite pieces were purchased from the same unisex shop, or seem to fit females just as well as males. As we see an ever continuous flow of menswear brought to the women’s runway and more and more new men’s forms also easily worn by women…are we headed towards a gender-less fashion?

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