Saturday, June 14, 2008

Runway - Number (N)ine: Spring 208

We have to start somewhere.

To begin, I wanted to highlight my favorite looks from my runway image collection: Number (N)ine from Spring 2008.

One way, I believe, to begin creating a new form for men is to reduce to monochromatic neutral colors (maintaining masculinity) while introducing shapes and cuts that are modern, yet with a subtle-historic reference. The “hobo” layering draws a casual air while luxurious materials and a singular color keep a respectability. Take or leave the religious symbols on the necklace depending on how “hardcore” you want to appear, but I think they are done perfectly. If we want to create something more "office-appropriate" simply finish some of the “loose” edges, tailor a few pieces, and throw on a pair of dress shoes.

Also, I love knickers.

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bomb.ass.ting said...

This kid working at Dover Street Market in London had the bead crucifix necklace, it looked nice. Eye catching.