Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reader Recommendation - Jeremy Scott

After reading the previous post discussing the use of nostalgic irony, Gregory recommended I take a look at the work of Jeremy Scott. I knew about Jeremy Scott as a designer, but I had honestly never seen his men’s designs. What I find interesting is that he is combining a very strong nostalgic irony of the current generation’s childhood – complete with happy meals, sugary cereal, and Saturday morning cartoons – while still creating new forms for men. Rather than depending completely on irony as a mechanism to distract from a lack of innovation, he uses it as a tool to comfortably introduce new shapes, pieces, and details to men’s wardrobe. Whereas Number (N)ine - featured a few posts below - used strict monochromaticy to make new shapes acceptable, Jeremy Scott uses humor.

What becomes a bit bothersome, however, is the last image featured. More and more we see menswear becoming inspired from boyhood garments with, at times, the runway looking like a pajama party or boarding school recess. If we imagine seeing women’s runway models dressed like little girls (which I know we have seen) it would signal deep societal concerns. Yet with menswear we view it as ‘cute.’ As we enter a society where issues of gender equality have changed and major wireless commercials can be pulled for depicting men as “dumb” and “inferior to women” does it degrade men to be dressed as children?

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