Saturday, June 14, 2008

Street Dialogue - Gustav

Gustaf Heden - Sweden - Solo Musician

Spotted: Washington Square Park

What is your style inspiration?

My inspiration comes from ideas rather than actual pieces of clothing. I purchase clothing if it reminds me of something, like a character…such as if something will remind me of Wayne from Wayne’s World or from my own character or humor.

Do you ever feel your expression is stunted by men’s fashions?


Sometimes I’ll see something but then the details are just not right.

What would your ideal piece of clothing be?

I’ve always been looking for the perfect purple suit. It sounds ridiculous. But a dark purple suit.

The closest I’ve gotten to the ideal piece of clothing was a pair of old-school Gucci loafers that I destroyed. They were the kind that were trendy in the 80s with a gold chain across them and rubber soles.

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