Wednesday, September 24, 2008

San Francisco Street - Taking a Second Look

Images by Vanguard - San Francisco

Even before having the pleasure of viewing Shane’s outfits on a near-daily basis, I had known of his reputation of being able to wear things in ways that others would not think to. Being able to see him regularly, however, would inspire anyone to view clothing differently: to take a second look at what they see and to perceive pieces beyond face value.

This outfit is a classic example of how Shane works with the concept of the second look. Here, Shane is wearing overalls, a cropped jacket, and a shear shirt – all pieces that any man of the new Millennium would probably avoid while passing them on a shopping rack. Yet, Shane has looked at them, he has embraced them, and he has put them together in a way that is thoroughly original, completely modern, and removes the clothing from how its standard perception. By doing so, he has breathed new life into the usually avoided.

This boy, like Shane, also takes a second look at the typically ignored, but does so on a smaller scale. Whereas Shane is conquering pieces that would be avoided because of their overall essence (such as their cut and concept), this subway-rider pursues pieces that would be looked over due to their details (bleach washed jeans, paisley prints) while also viewing pieces of everyday life as possible embellishment.

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