Monday, September 15, 2008

San Francisco Street - Let's Go Out Tonight

Images by Vanguard - San Francisco

Tony (above) is a continual source of inspiration. By designing and sewing his entire outfit himself he has integrated many typically female elements (batwing sleeves, short shorts, and stockings) into an extremely masculine and even dark ensemble. The use of geometric elements, exposure of the male form, contrast of textures, and dark colors allow an assembly that could easily have been ridiculous to instead become something deep, edgy, and masculine. Topping of the outfit on either end with a baseball cap and sneakers keeps it boyish and charming.

Here, the hair is important. Perhaps difficult to tell from the photo – no matter how charismatic it may be – the sides are buzzed short while the top is left long and, for lack of better terms, stringy. This has a 90s industrial vibe to it, which will be taking fashion by storm.

Normally I would be against ironic and trendy facial hair as it all too-typically used as a way for guys to grab a few laughs and attention. Here, however, it is seamlessly blended in as part of the overall style without demanding much attention to itself. Also perfectly executed is the large hair and the glasses. All of these are elements typical to the faddish hipster, but the stylish guy above manages to integrate them as a part of his personal and tasteful style by making them appear natural and appropriate rather than forced.

Looking at the guy on the left, we see a lot of nostalgic irony between the jacket, t-shirt, and black socks with brown shoes. All of these pull together nicely. Although we have been living in a decade of fitted clothing for men, larger pieces like the denim jacket can be a nice way to easily and casually create a unique silhouette. The guy on the right is ironic in ways that are most likely unintentional, but feel free to pull any inspiration that you may find from him as well.

I’m still not sure how I feel about arm warmers. John Varvatos has recently been diligent in introducing them into his line, but I’m also not sure how I feel about John Varvatos. What I do know, however, is that I have a strange inkling towards wanting to wear them, they would be considered a new piece to introduce into the male wardrobe (something Vanguard is always looking for), and they are a much better idea than leg warmers on men. The above ensemble exercises arm warmers correctly by pairing them with a sleeveless knit poncho. Here, they give the arms the extra visual weight needed to balance out the heavy, sleeveless garment.

Want to wear Grandma’s costume jewelry (who doesn’t) without being reminded of those awkward childhood dress-up moments? Juxtapose typical female pieces (large ring, sequin hat) directly against typical symbols of manhood (facial hair, suit coat) and just make sure you have an attitude to match.

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