Wednesday, September 10, 2008

San Francisco Street - Let's Think about Footwear

Images by Vanguard - San Francisco

Shoes are always an integral part of an outfit and can make or break the idea you want to communicate about yourself. Many men, even the most fashionable, tend to stick to a generic shoe for any ensemble. If an outfit has many other particular points of emphasis it can be fine to select a “classic” or generic neutral shoe so as not to distract from the greater emphasis of the ensemble. On the other hand, if a rather minimal outfit is put together, an exemplary shoe can be used as a point of emphasis. In any case, the shoes should flow with the rest of what is pieced together and support the overall concept. The point is this: think about your shoes.

The following are examples of where footwear takes a stylish outfit further, making it unique and distinctive.

Between the liquid-y metallic shoes and the velvet bow tie, it is clear that the above outfit is also about material quality. Not only do we have a contrast of materials and textures between items, but also a play on the expected use of materials and textures within individual items.


bomb.ass.ting said...

nicely done, both of them.

emily said...

awesome! i love them both!