Saturday, August 23, 2008

San Francisco Street - Black in the Bay

Images by Vanguard - San Francisco

Black on black on black. Black can be a surprisingly difficult color to pull off, if not executed properly it can look cheap or overused. If used correctly, it looks rich, deep, and will set you apart from everyone else on the street. Morgan, above, shows us how to do this the right way. Everything is in proper fit. The blacks play against each other through subtle contrasts in texture. The materials are rich. What makes this outfit the most successful, however, is the range of interested created. This means that not only is the silhouette perfect from a distance, but as we move closer we find details hidden within the darkness: we see a subtle cummerbund, interesting stitching, and a variety of leathers.

A sleek silhouette is further enhanced by sleek hair. It’s hard to pull off a black ruffled shirt post-Ricky Martin, but here it works. The trick here is to integrate it into a dark ensemble (allowing the ruffles to create the range of interested described in the outfit above), buttoning it severely to the top, and finishing it with a nice detail.

Last winter we saw the introduction of high-sheen black nylon. It was cool, but it descended on us like a swarm of locusts. So, as fashion goes, this made it immediately un-cool. This jacket successfully reintroduces black sheen nylon by avoiding the extremely high-gloss of last season. This brings an important texture back into play.

A dark tank in a dark club on ever-chic pale skin means instant attention. The slender straps on the tank are essential. The little bit of skin at the ankle is great.

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