Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Runway - Alexander McQueen Fall 2008

This season was supposed to be inspired by McQueen’s journey to India; so, for now, we’ll take his word and ignore the unfortunate similarities to Missoni’s fall 2005 collection pictured to the right. The asymmetry in the above piece is very important (despite the sleeve being a tad too long for proper balance). McQueen attempted several pieces with similar elements (heavy fabrics draped with slightly belled sleeves over structured garments), but the use of symmetry created a rather dorky and unusually feminine 80s prom look.
Although this piece above does feature the symmetry previously warned about it is still successful. The method of draping grounds it as a man’s piece. Unlike other garments we’ve seen on the runway so far on Vanguard, this one is based on a typical piece (the cardigan) but then features draped adaptations that are created more from folding than from actually draping. The edge of the piece is also the emphasis of the drape, grounding it in masculinity and seriousness. Proportions are also important here. The length of the sweater shows an avant-garde attitude while the sash worn at the waist allows the overall look to remain serious. Although not recommended by Vanguard, the tilted cowboy hat will help make you look badass.
This is a very simple way to express yourself at the work place without getting too many nasty glances. Put on a typical business casual outfit; throw over it a draped open-neck sweater. The traditional men’s clothing underneath grounds the outfit in masculinity and professionalism while the simple drape will set you apart as “the creative guy.” I wish offices weren’t so boring for men.

Dear dread-headed hippie youngsters. We love you and all that you represent. But please update that overdone hemp poncho for something a bit more new-millennium, such as the above piece. The world would be so beautiful.

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