Monday, November 10, 2008

San Francisco Street - Tony Transforms!

Images by Vanguard - San Francisco

As if my fashion-crush on Tony wasn’t already completely set in stone. Not only do I see him wander into a party in an amazing coat of his own design, but it then transforms into three more heart-wrenchingly amazing jackets.

I would drink a bottle of Paraquat weed killer (à la Isabella Blow) right now if Tony promised to make my funeral outfit.


gerald said...

i think you mean à la isabella blow* not via


Tyler said...

very true. This is what happens when you post late night and give up on your vocabulary.

KATLIN said...

Ahh, Tony's jacket is amazing. He's a talented sewer and a great dresser... jealous! First time to your blog and I'm loving these pics of stylish boys!!