Thursday, October 30, 2008

San Francisco Street - A Little Grunge Goes a Long Way

Images by Vanguard - San Francisco

Playing with pant fit is a strong way for men to set themselves apart right now. Gone are the days when a simple slim fit would emphasize an individual perspective. Fuller pants, tapered pants, high waists, and exaggerated pleats are only a few of the many ways guys can do something more with their lower half. When going with larger pant silhouettes, however, make sure to maintain a slim silhouette on top to avoid looking frumpy.

Distressing is something that’s difficult to pull off as there is a lot of association with distressed garments and mainstream mall shoppers. The way that distressing is executed in the shirt above, however, is not only successful, but also adds a lot of interest. This is because of the direct contrast between distressed elements and structured elements; note how the fragile holes are placed beside a heavy and stiff collar. An important element here too, that would allow the outfit to contain additional gender-bending elements, is the cut of the shirt. The lines of the sleeve and suspenders provide a masculine edge by emphasizing the chest and shoulder.

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