Tuesday, July 15, 2008

San Francisco Street

Images by Vanguard - San Francisco

I know what you’re thinking. Blazers? Dress slacks? This is not Vanguard. Although these items are an unlikely find for us, I wanted to present them in a way that is expressive and distinctly not 'GQ.' The two men featured here have found ways to create a strong, individual statement with traditional men’s pieces while also appearing very well put together.

In the first photo, note how the high waisted and full dress pant is accentuated by the pocket chain. The juxtaposition of this pant with a tight blazer creates a unique silhouette.

The man below also alters the traditional silhouette by layering loose, unstructured pieces that appear to drape together. This creates richness, depth, and movement. The open neckline not only shows off his tattoo, but exposes and emphasizes the human beneath these layers.

Both men make use of contrasting textures. We see gauzy fabrics, corduroy, fur, and elements with sheen such as patent leather, metals, and nylon. This keeps the outfits interesting and rich.

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ellen said...

loving that first outfit